Notes for Authors

The primary aim of the conference is to publish high quality original works on computer scientific visualization. Previously published works are not acceptable unless there is considerable update.

The length of a full paper is open. Short communications are encouraged. Publication languages - English and Russian, is up to authors. Article title, list of authors and abstract are presented both in Russian and English.

Each author (and co-authors) submitting a paper, has to be registered on the website: Author ORCID identifier, as an integral part of the information about the author (co-author), will be placed in the appropriate structural unit of the article.

One's paper style should match the style of the Conference. Pictures and animations must be in Gif, Jpg, Animation-Gif, Flash, Javascript and VRML formats. Please, follow the example.

Material submitted for publication may be used elsewhere by the author in periodical, book, or other copyrighted publication.

To clear up all the details please contact with our editorial office at

All materials for publications in the Journal should be sent to our editorial office