Conference program

Location: Assembly Hall of NRNU MEPhI, 4th floor.

10:00-10:30 – Opening, speech of the organizers.

10:30-12:30 – Plenary reports:

1. Victor Pilyugin: «Concepts and Possibilities of Visual Analytics». (Russia)
2. Sylvain Lefebvre: «Modeling and Synthesizing Complex Structures for Additive Manufacturing». (France)
3. AB Butko, EN Eremchenko, AS Klimenko, SV Klimenko: «The Ñoncept of Visual Analysis, Planning and Monitoring of Critical Objects». (Russia)
4. Giuseppe Patane: «Laplacian Spectral Basis Functions for Numerical Geometry Processing». (Italy)

12:30-13:30 – Lunch.

13:30-14:15 – In-session reports:

1. AE Bondarev, VA Galaktionov, LZ Shapiro: «Multidimensional Data Analysis with the Construction of Elastic Maps». (Russia)
2. AP Nelyubin, TP Galkin, AA Galaev, DD Popov, SYu. Misyurin: «Usage of Visualization in The Solution of Multicriteria Choice Problems». (Russia)
3. Evgenia Malikova: «Multisensory Framework for Multidimensional Scalar Fields Analysis: Visual-Auditory Case». (Distance report, United Kingdom)

14:15-14:20 – Break.

14:20-15:05 – In-session reports:

4. NI Gavrilov, VE Turlapov. «Scientific Visualization of Color Biomedical 3D-Scans of High Resolution» Lobachevsky University». (Russia)
5. Silvia Biasotti: «Topology for Shape Analysis and Comparison». (Distance report, Italy)
6. BN Onykiy, AA Artamonov, ES Tret'yakov, KV Ionkina: «Visualization of Large Samples of Unstructured Information on The Basis of Specialized Thesauruses». (Russia)

15:05-15:20 – Coffee Break.

15:20-16:05 – In-session reports:

7. NI Kargin, AS Gusev, SM Ryndya, AD Bakun, SF Timashev, I Matiushchenko: «Visualization of The Texture of Super-Smooth Surfaces Using The Flicker-Noise Spectroscopy Method». (Russia)
8. A Prokopieva, I Shalyutin, D Popov, E Barminova: «Visualization of The Dynamics of Ion Bunches With Complicated Structure in Magnetic Fields by Means of 3Ds MAX». (Russia)
9. Igal Milman: «Iterative Visual Analysis of Multidimensional Data». (Remote report, USA)

16:05-16:10 – Break.

16:10-16:55 – In-session reports:

10. IE Voluevich, DV Domashova, EE Pisarchik, NA Savchenko: «Usage of Visual Analytics in The Identification of Typologies and Financial Investigations in The Field Of AML / CFT». (Russia)
11. AI Tolstoy, NG Miloslavskaya: «Visualization of Information Security Management Processes». (Russia)
12. PYu Leonov, AK Zavalishina: «Visual Analysis as an Instrument for Creating Unreliable Financial Statements». (Russia)

16:55-17:10 – Coffee Break.

17:10-18:00 – Round table.

18:00-18:20 - Closing, speech of the organizers.