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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2023
Quarter: 4
Volume: 15
Number: 5
Article Name Pages
Visualization of Radiation Scattering Indicatrix on a Polydisperse System of Spherical Particles
M.V. Sapronov, S.S. Usmanova
1 - 8
Spectroscopy of Testicular Tissues as a Tool for Azoospermia Visualization During Micro-TESE and IVF: a Feasibility Study
S.O. Yudovskii, A.A. Zolotukhina, A.V. Guryleva, A.S. Machikhin, L.V. Reshetov
9 - 17
Applicability of Visualizations on the Poincare Sphere for The Study of Oscillatory Processes in Photochemical and Photoelectrochemical Systems Including Photoinduced Processes in Semiconductors
O.V. Gradov
18 - 34
Explorative Bibliometric Study of Medical Image Analysis: Unveiling Trends and Advancements
Binu Thomas, Jeena Joseph, Jobin Jose
35 - 49
Using Data Fabric Architecture to Create Personalized Visual Analytics Systems in the Field of Digital Medicine
S.I. Chuprina
50 - 63
Visualization of a graph model of medical drugs and their classes with subject to incompatibility
A.A. Karandeev, N.A. Iashin, R.A. Kudryashev
64 - 72
Application of an Agent-Based Model to Develop Ontological Data Visual Management Tool
D. S. Razdyakonov, D. I. Muromcev
73 - 88
Data Analysis using Augmented Reality Visualization
M.A. Epifanov, V.V. Pilyugin, V.V. Klimov
89 - 102
Hysteresis Phenomena in a Liquid Sessile Drop on a Stretchable Inclined Elastic Substrate
V.A. Dekhtyar, A.E. Dubinov
103 - 110
Evaluating Computer Interactions and Infographics Usability: Analyzing Individualís Performance through Viewing Patterns
Suzan M. Alyahya
111 - 135
The Spectrum of Supersonic Flow Around an Aircraft with Control Brake Shields
S.I. Gerasimov, A.A. Glukhov, V.A. Kikeev, I.Yu. Smirnov, K.V. Totyshev
136 - 148