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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2024
Quarter: 1
Volume: 16
Number: 1
Article Name Pages
Modifications of Classical Surface Reconstruction Algorithms for Visualization of a Function Defined on a Rectangular Grid
N.V. Munts, S.S. Kumkov
1 - 18
Possibility of Using the Gershberg-Papoulis Method in the Problem of Phase Structure Reconstructing from Low-angle Hilbertograms
E.V. Arbuzov, V.A. Arbuzov, Yu.N. Dubnishchev, O.S. Zolotukhina, M.M. Lapikov, V.V. Lukashov
19 - 28
Structure Visualization of 4-DASPI–Cucurbituril Supramolecular Complex to Predict the Solvatochromic Shift of Absorption Spectrum
A.S. Stepko, P.V. Lebedev-Stepanov
29 - 37
Building Depth Maps Using an Active-Pulse Television Measuring System in Real Time Domain
I.D. Musikhin, V.V. Kapustin, A.A. Tislenko, A. Movchan, S.A. Zabuga
38 - 51
Visualization of Flow of a Viscous Incompressible Fluid Corresponding to Exact Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations
V. A. Galkin, A.O. Dubovik, D.A. Morgun
52 - 63
Visualization in Data Reconstruction Tasks
A.V. Shklyar, A.A. Zakharova, E.V. Vekhter
64 - 81
Halocline Internal Wave Attractors Visualization
Stepan Elistratov
82 - 94
Visualization of Deformation and Stress Waves in Wooden Solid and Glued Elements of Building Structures.
P.G. Romanov, P.V. Sivtsev
95 - 104
Functional-Voxel Modeling of The Cauchy Problem
A.V. Tolok, N.B. Tolok
105 - 111
Mathematical Modeling and Visualization of a Complex Stress State in Case of a Fracture of the Femoral Diaphysis
K.N. Krupin, M.A. Kislov, V.I. Bahmetev, E.M. Kildyushov
112 - 123
Multiple Cubes Growth Algorithms for Simple Representative Elementary Volume Determination on 3D Binary Images
R. I. Kadyrov
124 - 135