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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2023
Quarter: 3
Volume: 15
Number: 3
Article Name Pages
Visualization of the Evolution of a Single Vapor Bubble During Boiling of a Subcooled Liquid: Experience in Automating the Processing of High-Speed Video Recording Results
N.V. Vasilev, S.N. Vavilov, Yu.A. Zeigarnik, N.A. Azarov
1 - 6
Hybrid Visualization with Vulkan-OpenGL: Technology and Methods of Implementation in Virtual Environment Systems
P.Yu. Timokhin , M.V. Mikhaylyuk
7 - 17
Universal System for Visualizing Geo-Referenced Data - Speed Vector Data
N.N. Voronina, A. S. Zapevalov
18 - 25
Liquid Crystal Visualization in The Study of the Flow in a Shallow Cavity
G.M Zharkova, V.N. Kovrizhina, D.S. Mironov, A.Yu. Pak, A.P. Petrov
26 - 39
High-Speed Flow Visualization by a Nanosecond Volume Discharge during Shock Wave Diffraction on an Obstacle
I. Mursenkova, A. Ivanova, I. Ivanov, N. Sysoev, A. Karimov
40 - 49
Application of Shadow Visualization to Study the Drag of Toroidal Bubbles
E. A. Chashnikov, V. V. Nikulin
50 - 57
Comparative Evaluation of the Accuracy of Numerical Methods on Reference Solutions
A.E. Bondarev, A.E. Kuvshinnikov
58 - 71
Solutions Mixing Visualization in Continuous-Flow Microreactors via Interferometric Technique
E.A. Mosheva, A.V. Shmyrov, A.I. Mizev
72 - 82
Investigation of the Spray Generation due to Bag Breakup Fragmentation Phenomena with Optical Methods in Environmental and Technical Systems
D.A. Sergeev, Y.I. Troitskaya, A.V. Cherdantsev
83 - 91
Heat Fluxes Visualization in High Speed Flow behind the Shock Wave
I.A. Znamenskaya, M.I. Muratov, E.A. Karnozova, A.E. Lutsky
92 - 100
Mueller-Matrix Stress Mapping in TeO2 Crystals Under Dynamic Loading
D.D. Khokhlov, A.A. Bykov, A.Yu. Marchenkov, Yu.V. Pisarevsky, Ya.A. Eliovich, V.I. Akkuratov, A.A. Khvostov
101 - 107