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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2023
Quarter: 2
Volume: 15
Number: 2
Article Name Pages
Integrated Use of Various Software Environments for Increasing the Level of Visualization and Perception of Information
V.A. Nemtinov, A.A. Rodina, A.B. Borisenko, V.V. Morozov, Yu.V. Protasova, K.V. Nemtinov
1 - 10
Using Topological Data Analysis to Visualize Instrument Output
S.N. Chukanov, I.S. Chukanov
11 - 21
Application of Visualization Tools for Optimization Problems of the Transport Model
R.B. Adaev, O.A. Vetrova
22 - 37
Visualization of the Processes Occurring during Spontaneous Triggering of a Vapor Explosion
N.V. Vasilev, S.N. Vavilov, Yu.A. Zeigarnik
38 - 44
Bicubic Surface on a Fixed Frame: Calculation and Visualization
V.A. Korotkiy, E.A. Usmanova
45 - 65
Modern Neural Network Technologies Text-to-Image
N.A. Bondareva
66 - 79
Computer Simulation and Visualization of Wheel Tracks on Solid Surfaces in Virtual Environment
A.V. Maltsev
80 - 89
Scientific Visualization for Interrogation of Results in Lighting Simulation System
E.D. Biryukov, B.Kh. Barladian, E.Yu. Denisov, A.G. Voloboy
90 - 101
Visualization of a Person's Emotional Tension by a Speech Signal
Y.G. Gorshkov
102 - 112
Visualization Elements in the Examination of Dangerous Production Facilities using an Unmanned Aircraft
A.E. Kozlova, M.Yu. Narkevich, O.S. Logunova, K.E. Shakhmayeva
113 - 124
POD-based Hydrodynamical Structures Visualization in Flows with an Internal Wave Attractor
S.A. Elistratov
125 - 133