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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2023
Quarter: 2
Volume: 15
Number: 1
Article Name Pages
Visualization of Liquids Flows in Microfluidics and Plasma Channels in Nanosecond Spark Microdischarges by Means of Digital Microscopy
V.A. Dekhtyar, A.E. Dubinov
1 - 16
Investigation of the Properties of First Nearest Neighborsĺ Graphs
A.A. Kislitsyn, Yu.N. Orlov, M.V. Goguev
17 - 28
Computer Visualization for the Algorithmization and Programming Task of Territorial Division Based on Interactive Mapping
Yu.V. Dubrovskaya, E.V. Kozonogova, D.S. Kurushin
29 - 46
Modeling and Visualization of Electron Scattering on Quantum Rings
E.A. Muzykina, Y.D. Sibirmovsky
47 - 59
Visualization of Geometric Models of Faceted Solids in Point Calculus
E.V. Konopatskiy, K.V. Ryabinin, A.A. Bezditnyi
60 - 70
Computer and Physical Modeling for the Estimation of the Possibility of Application of Convolutional Neural Networks in Close-Range Photogrammetry
V.V. Pinchukov, A.Yu. Poroykov, E.V. Shmatko, N.Yu. Sivov
71 - 82
Universal System for Visualizing Geo-Referenced Data From a Text File on a Yandex Map
N.N. Voronina
83 - 89
Intravital Imaging of Blood Cells Under Stress to Assess the Organism Condition
A.V. Deryugina, M.N. Ivashchenko, P.S. Ignatiev, V.B. Metelin, ╠.N. Talamanova
90 - 99
Visualization of Knowledge in the Educational Process
T.M. Shamsutdinova
100 - 111
Visualization Analysis of the Results of Continuum-Atomistic Modeling of a Coulomb Explosion in Metals Under the Influence of Ultrashort (fs, ps) Laser Action
V.I. Mazhukin, A.V. Shapranov, M.M. Demin, O.N. Koroleva, A.V. Mazhukin
112 - 126
VisQualdex: a Comprehensive Guide to Good Data Visualization
Jan Sawicki, Michał Burdukiewicz
127 - 149