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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2022
Quarter: 4
Volume: 14
Number: 5
Article Name Pages
A Study of the Algorithm for Constructing a Second-Order Surface Defined by Nine Points
A.L. Kheyfets
1 - 15
SIVDSR-Dhaze: Single Image Dehazing with Very Deep Super Resolution Framework and Its Analysis
Sangita Roy, S.S. Chaudhuri
16 - 44
Graph Visualization of the Terminological Thesaurus by F.M. Dostoevsky's Gospel Text (using the Example of Bigram Models)
V.V. Borisova
45 - 53
Bibliometric Analysis and Visualization of Scientific Literature on Random Forest Regression
Sherin Babu, Binu Thomas
54 - 65
Numerical Simulation and Visualization of Lava Flows
Iliya Starodubtsev, Pavel Vasev, Yuliya Starodubtseva, Igor Tsepelev
66 - 76
On Expressiveness of Visualization Systems' Interfaces
Pavel Vasev, Mikhail Bakhterev, Dmitry Manakov, Sergey Porshnev, Majid Forghani
77 - 95
Accurate 3D Visualization of Real Flow in Aerodynamic Study
V. A. Knyaz, V. V. Kniaz, M.M. Novikov, E.V. Ippolitov
96 - 107
About Development and Application of a Software Platform for Machine Vision for Various Laser Technologies
A.A. Molotkov, O.N. Tretiyakova, D. N. Tuzhilin
108 - 118