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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2022
Quarter: 4
Volume: 14
Number: 4
Article Name Pages
High-speed Flow Structures Detection and Tracking in Multiple Shadow Images with Matching to CFD using Convolutional Neural Networks
I.A. Doroshchenko, I.A. Znamenskaya, N.N. Sysoev, A.E. Lutsky
1 - 11
Generalized Computational Experiment State Analysis Using Three-Dimensional Visual Maps
A.A. Zakharova, D.A. Korostelyov, A.G. Podvesovskii, A.E. Bondarev, V.A. Galaktionov
12 - 23
Towards Visualization of Generalized Mental Maps Representations
R.V. Chumakov, K.V. Ryabinin, K.I. Belousov
24 - 37
Cognitive Clarity of Graph Models: an Approach to Understanding the Idea and a Way to Identify Influencing Factors Based on Visual Analysis
R.A. Isaev, A.G. Podvesovskii
38 - 51
The Discharge Heated Channel Region Visualization based on Thermal Imaging Registration
I.A. Znamenskaya, E.A. Karnozova, T.A. Kuli-Zade
52 - 61
Visualization of Water Toroidal Vortex by Multicolor Particle Image Velocimetry
S.S. Usmanova, N.M. Skornyakova, S. Yu. Belov, M. V. Sapronov
62 - 70
Visualization Problems of a Supersonic Tip Vortex in a Heat Wake
T.V. Konstantinovskaya, V.E. Borisov, A.E. Lutsky
71 - 82
How to Improve Utilizing Neural Interface by Means of Ontology-Driven Scientific Visualization Tools
S.I. Chuprina, I.A. Labutin
83 - 96
Comparative Verification of Numerical Methods Involving the Discontinuous Shapeless Particle Method
S.V. Bogomolov, A.E. Bondarev, A.E. Kuvshinnikov
97 - 109
Visual Interpretation of Russian Static Vector Space
O.A. Serikov, E.S. Klyshinsky, V.A. Ganeeva
110 - 120