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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2022
Quarter: 2
Volume: 14
Number: 2
Article Name Pages
Method for Generating Synthetic Images of
Masked Human Faces

M.A. Letenkov, R.N. Iakovlev, M.V. Markitantov, D.A. Ryumin, A.I. Saveliev, A.A. Karpov
1 - 17
Visualization of Lung Sounds Based on
Multilevel Wavelet Analysis

Y.G. Gorshkov
18 - 26
Automating Placement of Point Feature Labels on a Digital Map using Non-linear Mathematical Programming
M. Y. Zarubin, I. G. Pristupa, S. V. Ktitrov
27 - 35
Numerical Calculation and Visualization of Pseudosymmetry Attributes of Biological Objects
E.V. Popov, T.P. Popova, A.A. Nizhegorodtsev, D. Vershinina
36 - 48
The Problem of Visualizing Solid Models as a Three-Parameter Point Set
E.V. Konopatskiy, A.A. Bezditnyi
49 - 61
Trend Visualization of Academic Field: Proposed Method and Big Data Review
E.V. Antonov, A.A. Artamonov, A.V. Rudik, M.I. Malugin
62 - 76
Computer Modeling and Visualization of Accurate Terrain Shadows in Virtual Environment System
P.Yu. Timokhin, M.V. Mikhaylyuk
77 - 87
Computer Simulation of Video Surveillance Complexes in Virtual Environment Systems
A.V. Maltsev
88 - 97
Critical Paths of Information Dissemination in Networks
M.S. Ulizko, A.A. Artamonov, R.R. Tukumbetova, E.V. Antonov, M.I. Vasilev
98 - 107