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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2021
Quarter: 3
Volume: 13
Number: 3
Article Name Pages
Recovery of Particle Concentration Fields by Two-Phase Flow Visualization around Bodies
A.A. Zhelebovskiy, A.A. Mochalov, A.Yu. Varaksin
1 - 8
The Virtual Reconstruction of Historical and Cultural Heritage Monuments of the Vodyansky Settlement
I.A. Romanova, N.M. Poluboyarova
9 - 21
Stand for Remote Development of a Display Visualization System for Civil Aircraft Cockpit
S.V. Andreev, E.Yu. Denisov, I.G. Ryzhova, A.G. Voloboy
22 - 33
Analysis and Visualization of the Computational Experiments Results on the Comparative Assessment of OpenFOAM Solvers Accuracy for a Rarefaction Wave Problem
A.E. Bondarev, A.E. Kuvshinnikov
34 - 46
High-Speed Shadowgraphy of the Interaction of an Oblique Shock Wave in a Channel with a Surface Sliding Discharge
I.V. Mursenkova, Yu. Liao, P.Yu. Ulanov, L. Shi
47 - 57
Study of The Cold Test Effect on Microcirculation by Video Capillaroscopy
M.V. Volkov, A.S. Machikhin, E.D. Lovchikova, D.D. Khokhlov, I.A. Balandin, A.V. Potemkin, V.S. Galanova, I.V. Danilycheva, I.V. Dorofeeva
58 - 65
Determination of the Parameters of a Vortex Ring with an Air Core in a Liquid by Computer Processing of Video Images
E.A. Chashnikov, V.V. Nikulin
66 - 74
Investigation of Artificially Induced Bag-Breakup Fragmentation of Water Surface with Optical Methods
A.A. Kandaurov, D.A. Sergeev, Yu.I. Troitskaya
75 - 81
Computer Visualization of Turbulent Parameter Fields in a Round Jet Based on Laser Doppler and Fiber Optics Measurements
V.I. Smirnov
82 - 92
Visualization of a Flow around the Surface with Different Roughness Coefficients
Win Thu, D. V. Ilin, N. M. Skornyakova
93 - 104
Investigation of Thermal Inhomogeneities in Liquid Using of a Laser Sheet Refractograms
K.M. Lapitskiy, I.L. Raskovskaya, I.A. Lapitskaya, E.B. Badamshina
105 - 114
Registration of Displacement and Visualization of the Deformation Field of a Cylindrical Shell under its Shock-Wave Loading
S.I. Gerasimov, K.V. Totyshev, N.A. Trepalov, R.V. Gerasimova
115 - 124
Methods for Panoramic Visualization and Digital Analysis of Thermophysical Flow Fields. A Review.
I.A. Znamenskaya
125 - 158