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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2021
Quarter: 1
Volume: 13
Number: 1
Article Name Pages
The Testing and Visualization of the Singularities of the Mutual Intersection of a Tetrahedron and a Quadric (Chasles' Theorem)
A. L. Kheyfets
1 - 14
Simulation and visualisation of supersonic underexpanded jet interaction with a blunt body and periodic energy input
Ya.V. Khankhasaeva, A.L. Afendikov, A.E. Lutsky, I.S. Menshov, I.A. Znamenskaya
15 - 26
A Visual Analytic System for Exploring Consumer Clusters
Ping-Hsuan Huang, Yi-Jheng Huang, Li Huang, Wen-Chieh Lin
27 - 43
Visualization of power supply network interference in telemedicine systems of mobile electrocardiography
Y.G. Gorshkov
44 - 53
Minimal Surface Form Finding and Visualization using Stretched Grid Method
E.V. Popov, T.P. Popova
54 - 68
On the development of aeroballistic experiment techniques for flow visualization
S.I. Gerasimov, V.I. Erofeev, V.A. Kikeev, K.V. Totyshev, E. G. Kosyak, P. G. Kuznetsov, R.V. Gerasimova
69 - 82
Developing of USDZ models for 3D digital analysis results visualization in augmented reality
R. I. Kadyrov
83 - 103
Visualization of flows of a viscous conductive liquid with the presence of impurities in the flow field corresponding to exact solutions of the MHD equations
V. A. Galkin, A.O. Dubovik
104 - 123
Safety critical visualization of the flight instruments and
the environment for pilot cockpit

B.Kh. Barladian, A.G. Voloboy, L.Z. Shapiro, N.B. Deryabin, I.V. Valiev, S.V. Andreev, Yu.A. Solodelov, V.A. Galaktionov
124 - 137
Methods of visual graph-analytical presentation and retrieval of scientific and technical texts
N.V. Maksimov, O.L. Golitsina, K.V. Monankov, A.S. Gavrilkina
138 - 161
System for dynamic visualization of geomagnetic disturbances according to the data of ground magnetic stations
A. V. Vorobev, V. A. Pilipenko, T. A. Enikeev, G. R. Vorobeva, O.I. Khristodulo
162 - 176