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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2020
Quarter: 4
Volume: 12
Number: 4
Article Name Pages
Verification of Cause-and-Effect Relationships in Cognitive Models Using Visualization Metaphors of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
R.A. Isaev, A.G. Podvesovskii
1 - 8
Visual Analysis of Text Data Volume by Frequencies of Joint Use of Nouns and Adjectives
A.E. Bondarev, A.V. Bondarenko, V.A. Galaktionov
9 - 22
Application of Visual Analytics Methods to Reduce the Dimensionality of Decision-making Problems
A.A. Zakharova, D.A. Korostelyov
23 - 32
Creation and visualization of archives of operational RBMKs parameters and VVER reactors
A.M. Zagrebayev, I.Yu. Leveev, V.V. Pilyugin, S. Ten
33 - 45
Ąpplication of scientific visualization tools in the study of supersonic vortex pair
V.E. Borisov, A.A. Davydov, T.V. Konstantinovskaya, A.E. Lutsky
46 - 55
Novel Circular Graph Capabilities for Comprehensive Visual Analytics of Interconnected Data in Digital Humanities
K.V. Ryabinin, K.I. Belousov, S.I. Chuprina
56 - 70
Developing Non-Empirical Metrics and Tools for Ontology Visualizations Evaluation and Comparing
I. Baimuratov, Th. Nguyen, R. Golchin, D. Mouromtsev
71 - 84
Visual Analysis of Dynamic Changes in Structured Data on the Basis of Colour Markers
A.A. Trubakova, A.O. Trubakov
85 - 97
Visualization of multidimensional surface given in tabular form
Eugene Popov, Anatoly Batiukov, Tatyana Popova, Natalja Vogt
98 - 107
Stress-strain state interactive visualization of the parametrically-defined thin-shell structures with the use of AR and VR technologies
A.A. Semenov, Iu.N. Zgoda
108 - 122
Elaboration of Visualization Modes for Lighting Simulation in CATIA CAD System
E.D. Birukov, A.G. Voloboy, E.Yu. Denisov
123 - 132
Short communications
Visualization of Graph-based representations for analyzing related multidimensional objects
M.S. Ulizko, E.V. Antonov, A.A. Artamonov , R.R. Tukumbetova
133 - 142