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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2020
Quarter: 2
Volume: 12
Number: 2
Article Name Pages
Visualization of Multidimensional Hypersurface Extrema by Lumigraph
Eugene Popov, Tatyana Popova, Anatoly Batiukov, Natalja Vogt
1 - 8
Visualization of the interconnection between dynamics of the system and its basic characteristics
G.V. Kreinin, S.Yu. Misyurin, A.P. Nelyubin, N.Yu. Nosova
9 - 20
Algebraic methods for coloring cubic graphs
S.V. Kurapov, M.V. Davidovsky, A.V. Tolok
21 - 36
The study of methods for analysis burning torch infrared images
I.A. Berg, S.V. Porshnev
37 - 52
Visual cognitive control of space systems radiotechnical signals
Yu.G. Emelyanova, M.V. Khachumov
53 - 73
Visualization of whirlwind (non-stationary vortex) structures aimed to the improvement of cooling systems of electric power devices
A.Yu. Varaksin, K.K. Denshchikov, M.V. Protasov, M.E. Romash
74 - 83
The ArcGis 3D visualization of geological data and mine shaft operation within the analytical information system “Construction - Geological Environment”
P.A. Krasilnikov
84 - 97
Features visualization of geometric objects in the BN-calculus
E.V. Konopatskiy, A.A. Bezditnyi, Ya.A. Kokareva, V.V. Kucherenko
98 - 109
A New Partial 3D Object Indexing and Retrieval Approach Combining 2D slices and Apriori Algorithm
I.O. Taybi, T. Gadi, R. Alaoui
110 - 126
Visualization of bibliometric networks of scientific publications on the study of the human factor in the operation of nuclear power plants based on the bibliographic database Dimensions
A.Kh. Khakimova, O.V. Zolotarev, M.A. Berberova
127 - 138
Digital Nutrition: Spectral Portraits of Optimal Diet
Y.N. Orlov, A.A. Kislitsyn, A.O. Kambarov, A.K. Baturin, D.B. Nikituk, V.A. Tutelian
139 - 150
Short communications
Stereo images of error surfaces in problems of numerical methods verification
S.V. Andreev, A.E. Bondarev, N.A. Bondareva
151 - 157