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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2019
Quarter: 3
Volume: 11
Number: 4
Article Name Pages
On possible approaches to visualizing the process of selective laser melting
A.A. Molotkov, O.N. Tretiyakova
1 - 12
Approaches to visualizing big text data at the stage of collection and pre-processing
E. A. Makarova, D. G. Lagerev, F.Y. Lozbinev
13 - 26
Cyber-Physical Museum Exhibits Based on Additive Technologies, Tangible Interfaces and Scientific Visualization
K.V. Ryabinin, M.A. Kolesnik, A.I. Akhtamzyan, E.V. Sudarikova
27 - 42
Segmentation and visualization of obstacles for the enhanced vision system using generative adversarial networks
V.V. Kniaz, M.I. Kozyrev, A.N. Bordodymov, A.V. Papazian, A.V. Yakhanov
43 - 52
Human-Oriented IoT-Based Interfaces for Multimodal Visual Analytics Systems
K.V. Ryabinin, K.I. Belousov, S.I. Chuprina, N.L. Zelyanskaya
53 - 65
Visualization Algorithms for Multi-criteria Alternatives Filtering
A.A. Zakharova, D.A. Korostelyov, O.N. Fedonin
66 - 80
Using Visualization Tools to Search for Contradictions in Planning Results
A.A. Zakharova, E.V. Vekhter, A.V. Shklyar
81 - 89
Stereo Presentations Problems of Textual information on an Autostereoscopic Monitor
S.V. Andreev, N.A. Bondareva, E.Yu. Denisov
90 - 101
Generalized Computational Experiment and Visual Analysis of Multidimensional Data
A.E. Bondarev, V.A. Galaktionov
102 - 114
Constructing Optimal Visualization Metaphor of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps on the Basis of Formalized Cognitive Clarity Criteria
A.G. Podvesovskii, R.A. Isaev
115 - 129
Optical diagnostics of temperature field of an axisymmetric flame
Yu.N. Dubnishchev, V.A. Arbuzov, E.V. Arbuzov, O.S. Zolotukhina, V.V. Lukashov
130 - 139