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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2019
Quarter: 2
Volume: 11
Number: 2
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Shadow scheme with selective range of photoregistration in aerodynamic tests
S.I. Gerasimov, V.A. Kikeev, V.A. Kuzmin, K.V. Totyshev, A.P. Fomkin, R.V. Gerasimova
1 - 10
Evaluation of the dependency between the composerís international concert tours and the development of cultural relations using scientific visualization and machine learning
Z.N. Kniaz, S.Yu. Danilov
11 - 27
Modeling of the spatial distribution of the scattered radiation intensity by atomic argon
M.V. Sapronov, N.M. Skornyakova
28 - 38
Towards urban crowd visualization
I. Rivalcoba, L. Toledo, I. Rudomín
39 - 55
New solutions for visualization of biomedical signals in telemedicine systems
Y.G. Gorshkov
56 - 72
Plinius: A Visualization System of Costa Rica's Tectonic Plates
F. Hernández-Castro , J. Monge-Fallas
73 - 87
Visualization of high-voltage insulators defects on infrared images using computer vision methods
A.D. Zaripova, D.K. Zaripov, A.E. Usachev
88 - 98
Use of methods of visual analytics to obtain integrated indicator of the quality of biometric authentication using the mechanism gesture manipulation
Yu.E. Kozlov
99 - 113
Using the finite-element metod for visualization of the stress-strain state of fish
Y.P. Tolmacheva , A.V. Chmatkova, S.A. Zaides
114 - 125
A method for visualizing the drawing of a nonplanar graph
S.V. Kurapov, M.V. Davidovsky, A.V. Tolok
126 - 142
Visualization of geomagnetic variations in time-frequency area of information signal
A.V. Vorobev, G.R. Vorobeva
143 - 155
Short communications
On visualization problems in a generalized computational experiment
A.E. Bondarev
156 - 162