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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2019
Quarter: 1
Volume: 11
Number: 1
Article Name Pages
Construction of linear structure of a skeleton for the closed path of complex geometry on the basis of the method of functional voxel modeling
A.B. Tolok, M.A. Loktev, N.B. Tolok, N.D. Zhilina, M.B. Lagunova
1 - 10
Visualization software for Hydrophobic-polar protein folding model
R. Mavrevski, M. Traykov
11 - 19
Application of Business Intelligence instrumental tools for visualization of key performance indicators of an enterprise in telecommunications
V.D. Kolychev, .. Shebotinov
20 - 37
Technology optimization in the question of assessing the quality of learning tests
E.A. Volkova, M.V. Maschenko
38 - 56
Simulation and visualization of the flow around blunted body in the wake of supersonic ejecting pellet
Ya.V. Khankhasaeva, A.L. Afendikov, A.E. Lutsky, I.S. Menshov, V.S. Nikitin
57 - 69
Concept of a visualization method for Earths gravity field on plain maps
M.A. Boyarchuk, I.G. Zhurkin, V.B. Nepoklonov
70 - 79
SVM-RBF Parameters Testing Optimization Using Cross Validation and Grid Search to Improve Multiclass Classification
F. Budiman
80 - 90
Building and Visualization of Sleek 3D Surfaces without Misplaced Extremes
K.V. Ryabinin, K.A. Matkin
91 - 106
A Method for Topology Optimization Results Estimation Based on the Analysis of Raster Images of the Material Distribution
P.A. Alekhin, A.O. Glebov, S.V. Karpov, S.V. Karpushkin
107 - 118
Estimation of the Meridional Heat and Mass Transport in the South Atlantic by Using the Joint Atmosphere and Ocean Circulation Model with Data Assimilation and Visualization Facilities
K.P. Belyaev, A.A. Kuleshov, N.P. Tuchkova
119 - 138
Data abstraction models: sampling (parallel coordinates), filtering, clustering
D.V. Manakov
139 - 176