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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2018
Quarter: 4
Volume: 10
Number: 5
Article Name Pages
The Performance Improvement on 4-FB Face using Random Forest Classifier
B. Nassih, A. Amine, M. Ngadi, D. Naji, N. Hmina
1 - 12
Problem of transformation the wireframe model of the 3D object, restored from its technical drawing
T.V. Moshkova, S.I. Rotkov, M.M. Smychek, V.A. Tyurina
13 - 31
An Application of Visual Analytics Methods to Cluster and Categorize Data Processing Jobs in High Energy and Nuclear Physics Experiments
T.Galkin, M.Grigoryeva, A.Klimentov, T.Korchuganova, I.Milman, V.Pilyugin, M.Titov
32 - 44
A digital demonstration complex with a spherical screen: new projection technologies and advanced ORBUS 2.0 software
O.O. Samokhina, S.V. Presnyakov, A.I. Rybkina
45 - 56
The image analysis of the geometric bodies with supplemental interactive training on a limited natural language
N.G. Volchenkov
57 - 85
Development of the human face tracking algorithm Based on the optical flow application
A.A. Druki, V.G. Spitsyn, Yu.A. Bolotova, D. Oliva, A.V. Gelginberg
86 - 101
Scientific visualization as applied to studying the celestial body movement at large time intervals (P<100 years)
N.V. Kulikova, V.I. Tischenko
102 - 122
3D visualization of architecture and metrics of the software
D.E. Namiot, V.Y. Romanov
123 - 139
Arabic Sign Language Recognition for Dynamic Gestures Using Microsoft Kinect
B. Hisham, A. Hamouda, A. Rashed
140 - 159
Regular reflection of a shock waves in model tests with shadow method
S.I. Gerasimov, A.V. Zubankov, V.. Kikeev, Y.U. Smirnov, N.. Trepalov, R.V. Gerasimova
160 - 171
Possibilities and perspectives of application of tridimensional visualization as a tool of analysis in archaeology
L.V. Zotkina, A.V. Shalagina, V.S. Kovalev
172 - 190