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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2018
Quarter: 3
Volume: 10
Number: 3
Article Name Pages
Visual algorithm for coloring planar graphs
S.V. Kurapov, M.V. Davidovsky, A.V. Tolok
1 - 33
Application of optical methods for studying of heat resistance of composition materials
V.L. Kraynev, A.A. Tikhonov, P.K. Tretyakov, A.V. Tupikin, A.V. Chaplygin
34 - 44
Determination natuxal freguencies and mode shapes imaging element structures
E.A. Zheleznyakova, A.V. Osintsev
45 - 57
Application of cesium graphics library for web-based geoinformation systems in the case of GIS of near-earth space
P.Yu. Orlov, I.G. Zhurkin
58 - 71
Visualization of the quality (state) of the psychological climate in the team based on the speech interaction acoustic information processing
V.M. Alyushin
72 - 84
Universal software platform for visualizing class F curves, log-aesthetic curves and development of applied CAD systems
R.A. Ziatdinov, V.G. Muftejev, R.I. Akhmetshin, A.P. Zelev, R.I. Nabuyev, A.R. Mardanov
85 - 98
Implementation of technology for creating virtual spatial-temporal models of urban development history
V.A. Nemtinov, A.B. Borisenko, Y.V. Nemtinova, A.A. Gorelov, S.V. Tryufilkin
99 - 107
Using visualization tools for operational control of composite construction materials production
V.A. Kharitonov, V.A. Golubev, S.V. Leontev, V.A. Shamanov, A.D. Kurzanov
108 - 120
Animation: Crustal Deformation in the Nicoya Peninsula Associated with the September 5th, 2012 Earthquake
F. Hernandez-Castro, J. Monge-Fallas, M. Mendez-Morales, M. Protti-Quesada
121 - 132
Visualisation of the organic compounds' structural graphs generated upon the user's query
V.V. Bondar, E.G. Vinokurov, V.P. Meshalkin, L.A. Grigoryan
133 - 143
Short communications
Visualization of sound frequencies of geomechanical processes using GIT technologies
Yu.A. Stepanov, L.N. Burmin, A.V. Stepanov
144 - 151