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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2018
Quarter: 2
Volume: 10
Number: 2
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In memory of Stanislav Klimenko
«Scientific visualization» editorial board
Visualization tools for the numerical modeling in the reference experiment on the flow over a rectangular obstacle
A.S. Suvorov, D.A. Sergeev, Y.I. Troitskaya, A.A. Kandaurov, O.S. Ermakova, A.I. Konkov
1 - 14
Specific fractures of the diaphysis of the femur formed by a traumatic multicomponent bullet shot charge from a smoothbore carbine "Saiga 12k" at a distance in focus, visualization and theoretical study of the fragment formation mechanism about them
P.V. Pinchuk, K.N. Krupin, V.V. Petrov, S.V. Leonov
15 - 28
Visual analytics in the case of multicriteria optimization
T.P. Galkin, A.P. Nelubin, A.A. Galaev, D.D. Popov, V.V. Pilyugin, S.Yu. Misyurin
29 - 47
Diffusive Smoothing of 3D Noisy Data
G. Patane
48 - 60
Compact visualization of dynamic parameters in monitoring and control systems
V.V. Guchuk
61 - 69
Laboratory approbation of a new visualization form of hazardous objects control operator current psycho-emotional and functional state
M.V. Alyushin, L.V. Kolobashkina
70 - 83
New Approach for 3D Mesh Retrieval Using Artificial Neural Network and Histogram of Features
M. Bouksim, K. Arhid, F.R. Zakani, M. Aboulfatah, T. Gadi
84 - 94
Visualization of tensor fields based on geometric representation of tensors
Yu.I. Dimitrienko, E.A. Gubareva, S.V. Sborshikov
95 - 111
Application of high-speed thermographic visualization for validation of numerical simulations of liquid boundary layer flows
E.Yu. Koroteeva
112 - 121
X-ray method in test benches
S.I. Gerasimov, D.V. Zakharov, A.V. Zubankov, V.A. Kikeev, R.V. Gerasimova,
G.A. Polienko, E.S. Khoroshailo, B.A. Yanenko
112 - 137
Visual support for the creative development of software systems
A.I. Razumovsky
138 - 150
Short communications
Visualization of optimal path selection in the career route management system
E.A. Andrianov, E.A. Koverko
151 - 158