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Issue Year: 2012
Quarter: 4
Volume: 4
Number: 4
Article Name Pages
Special Issue Editorial
A. Bondarev, section "Scientific Visualization" chairman (GraphiCon-2012)
1 - 1
Anti-Aliasing in the Implementation of Pre-Integrated Rendering for Visualization of Three-Dimensional Scalar Fields on the GPU
D. Bogolepov, I. Bugaev, A. Belokamenskaya, V. Turlapov
2 - 16
Development of the Adaptive Multiplatform Science Visualization Module for High-Performance Computing Systems
K. Ryabinin
17 - 29
Visualization of Seismic Data on a Virtual Globe
A. Bobkov, A. Leonov, V. Chebrov
30 - 43
GPU-Based Fluid Simulation and its Interaction With Solid Surface
Y. Khokhlova, D. Gladkiy, S. Kuzikovskiy, I. Belago
44 - 55
Scientific Visualization as Method of Scientific Data Analysis
V. Pilyugin, E. Malikova, A. Pasko, V. Adzhiev
56 - 70