Year 2012, number 3
      ISSN 2079-3537      

Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2012
Quarter: 3
Volume: 4
Number: 3
Article Name Pages
Computer Modeling of the Supramolecular System Consisting of Fluorescent Dye, Lipid and Water Molecules
S. Zaitsev, M. Shaposhnikov, D. Solovyeva, M. Bartov, P. Volynskii
1 - 7
Wavelet analysis application for the localization of structures in the calculations of gas-dynamic fields and for the grids adaptation
A. Afendikov, A. Lutsky, A. Plenkin
8 - 25
OpenGL visualization in Inspirer2 with quality of ray tracing method
S. Andreev, I. Valiev
26 - 34
The Use of Visualization Tools CAE-Systems in the Prediction Damage of Vessels with Ice Compressions
V. Lobanov
35 - 51
Short communications
MeshUp: Mashup for Meshes
T. Vilbrandt, E. Malikova
52 - 53