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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2011
Quarter: 2
Volume: 3
Number: 2
Article Name Pages
Analysis of Unsteady Space-Time Structures Using the Optimization Problem Solution and Visualization Methods
A. Bondarev
1 - 11
Visualization and analysis of larger chemical mechanisms
V. Khorkov, M. Strelkova, P. Tokar, M. Okun, V. Plaksin, B. Potapkin
12 - 26
Construction of the adaptively triangulated smooth molecular surface: program TAGSS
S. Zhabin, V. Sulimov
27 - 53
Visualization during developing of the finishing milling process of the compressor blade's aerodynamic model from gas turbine engine (GTE) with open rotor.
S. Bolsunovskiy, V. Vermel, G. Gubanov, I. Kacharava
54 - 63
Modeling and visualization of the relations of contact surfaces of models on the example at the software and hardware simulation system of mandible articulatory movements
A. Smirnov, A. Nushtaykin
63 - 70