ISSN 2079-3537      

Issue Year: 2011
Quarter: 1
Volume: 3
Number: 1
Article Name Pages
Visualization system of CFD software FlowVision
V.A. Kutin
1 - 18
General implementation aspects of the GPU-based volume rendering algorithm
N.I. Gavrilov, V.E. Turlapov
19 - 31
Change detection of night time lights from gas flares visible from space
M.N. Zhizhin, A.I. Godunov, D.P. Medvedev
32 - 45
Use of visualization for investigation of properties of graphene
I.V. Lebedeva, A.A. Knizhnik, A.M. Popov, Yu.E. Lozovik, B.V. Potapkin
46 - 52
Short communications
Three-dimensional Model of HIV: a Graphical Review of the Viral Particle Structure
I.N. Konstantinov, Y.E. Stefanov, A.A. Kovalevsky, Y.N. Voronin
53 - 54